With our sustainable organic shampoos for healthy and beautiful hair, the focus is once again on sophistication, sustainability, yield, quality and saving resources and time.

With our high-quality natural cosmetics shampoos you care for your hair in a natural way. You are giving your hair a good portion of care ingredients while it is foaming. Our organic shampoos already contain a really fine conditioner, which smoothes the hair structure over the long term and makes it radiant and shiny.

Curly hair rejoices and straight, long hair particularly benefits from a hair bath. To do this, mix a few splashes of one of the organic shower shampoos into the bath water when taking a full bath. Lay back relaxed and bathe your hair and head. A treat for body, mind and soul!

The scalp is soothed and supplied with fine natural organic care substances and moisture from nature.

And all this, as always, purely vegan, silicone-free, plastic-free and in the value-adding, beautiful design glass bottles from Italy for refilling.

Join our deposit system, live the cycle and bring your empty returnable bottles back to your LAPAHDU natural cosmetics dealer for good quality and a healthy life with a wellness factor, mindfulness and environmental awareness.

Live the cycle! Be part of the change! #care4yourselfandplanet

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