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According to the EU Commission, disposable packaging should no longer be used by 2030. Reusable packaging conserves natural resources and energy through its repeated use and thus also the environment and the climate. What many do not know: In the meantime, even quartz sand, which is required for the production of glass, has become a valuable raw material that is rapidly disappearing.

We start today:

Our glass bottles can be reused up to 50 times. All in all, this means great resource savings.

Compared to the recycling process, valuable resources such as Quartz sand, spared and large amounts of energy and water saved. Because even with the very complex and costly processing of used glass (glass recycling), a high level of energy is required when melting the glass at a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius, large amounts of cooling water and additions of natural raw materials such as sand, soda, lime and additives.

In comparison, our products filled in reusable bottles only require energy to clean the emptied bottles. And even the water used remains largely in circulation in Germany thanks to sewage treatment plants.

And this is how it works

Return of empties by post

Collect your empty BellFill bottles!

For empty, returned glass bottles of 250 ml, we will credit € 1.50 / bottle to your customer account (conditions see below).

We would like to ask you to keep an original box with which you received your bottle / s in order to reuse it for the return of the empty deposit bottles.

Since our shipping boxes are optimized for 4 glass bottles of 250 ml each, it would be great if you collected 4 empty bottles and only then returned them to us.

In this way, we can also conserve resources in order to keep material (here valuable paper) in circulation.

And you save time, logistics effort (= CO2!) And shipping fees.

In addition, we will pay part of your shipping fee for a return shipment with 4 bottles, namely in the amount of € 2. You will also receive this as a credit on your customer account.

And very important: you help to relieve the earth!

Please choose a CO2-neutral logistics service.

Requirements for the refund of the deposit amounts:

Please make sure that you have created a customer account with us. So we can deposit the deposit credit for our returned 250 ml glass bottles on your customer account and deduct them from your invoice amount for further orders.

Please leave product labels on the bottles. Unfortunately, we cannot take the bottles back without a barcode.

Please screw the bottles with the original caps before returning them and put them in the "stop position". This way you avoid product residues getting into the box and contaminating or moistening it.

A deposit is only refunded for glass bottles received intact. So please pack the glass bottles securely with filling material and mark your return on the outside with "Caution glass!".

Unfortunately, we cannot credit bottles with cracks, chipped areas or scratches.

We are obliged to point out that the exercise of the right of withdrawal remains unaffected by these regulations.

Return of empties in stationary retail

Do you have a store near you that sells LAPAHDU products? All the better.

Our partners are happy to take back your empty 250 ml glass bottles.

Here you can get your deposit of € 1.50 back for a bottle by deducting it from your purchase.

The same applies here:
Before returning the bottles, be sure to screw them on with the original caps and set them to the "stop position".

A deposit is only refunded for intact glass bottles with original labels. Bottles without a barcode, with a crack, chipped areas or scratches cannot be taken back.

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