Time you take is time that gives you something!

In order to create a balance to the hectic everyday life, full of tasks and challenges, it is important to always return to your center and arrive at yourself.

Here you feel yourself, here you draw strength!

LAPAHDU wants to support you in this

Pure moments of pampering, where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing and refreshing fragrance world. Where you can enjoy the special recipes and fine textures of the high-quality care products and fill up with new energy.

Let yourself go, because you can trust LAPAHDU!

LAPAHDU stands for a new way of life
full of joy and mindful enjoyment

Make your body care a special experience by indulging your senses, taking your time for yourself and immersing yourself in feeling and smelling.

Controls biological ingredients, e.g. Valuable essential oils and high-quality organic oils from active plants pamper your skin and hair and are also sources of mental regeneration through their fragrance.

With the special fragrance compositions we create the connection to nature for you:
Close your eyes and you will feel as if you are standing in a fragrant mountain meadow full of herbs and flowers or walking through an orange plantation in Tuscany on a warm summer day.

Enjoy the connection to nature!

Love your body - love yourself!

LAPAHDU is all about a new consciousness when it comes to the selection of body care products and sustainable packaging.

Our cosmetic products enable you to live a conscious lifestyle - yourself and the environment.

You can sit back and relax. Because you can rely on us:
Everything and everyone plays a role in the creation process of our products and receives a fair and long-term sustainable treatment. Not only are the plants and active ingredients carefully extracted with respect for the protection of the earth and all fellow creatures, but also delivery routes and production conditions must meet our high moral expectations.

We use raw materials and materials that were manufactured in Germany, Austria or Europe wherever possible. Our supply chain is organized as closely and efficiently as possible. We are in close contact with our suppliers to guarantee real transparency. 

When it comes to packaging, we focus first on resource conservation and reusability.
Our innovative solutions are based on reusable and reduction.

Reduce and reuse, because less is more!

LAPAHDU stands for transparency and authenticity

Authenticity from A to Z is our way and the goal is to spoil you with beautiful and thoroughly trustworthy and honest products.

For example, you will find a detailed description of the ingredients, including the quality information, for each product.

We have put together even more information about the individual components for you in an "Atlas of Ingredients".

We strive for the best for you and the environment.

You can promote your health with a clear conscience and contribute to a world that follows natural cycles.

The result is harmony inside and out!

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